Class Bloom

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class legion::rendering::Bloom : public legion::rendering::PostProcessingEffect<Bloom>

A bloom post processing effect.

Public Functions

virtual void setup(app::window &context) override

setup The setup function of the post processing effect.

  • context: The current context that is being used inside of the effect.

void seperateOverdraw(framebuffer &fbo, texture_handle colortexture, texture_handle overdrawtexture)
texture_handle blurOverdraw(const math::ivec2 &framebufferSize, texture_handle overdrawtexture)
void historyMixOverdraw(framebuffer &fbo, texture_handle overdrawtexture)
void combineImages(framebuffer &fbo, texture_handle colortexture, texture_handle overdrawtexture)
void renderPass(framebuffer &fbo, RenderPipelineBase *pipeline, camera &cam, const camera::camera_input &camInput, time::span deltaTime)

renderPass The function that is called every frame.

  • fbo: The framebuffer used for this particular effect.

  • colortexture: The lighting data gathered from previous renderpasses.

  • depthtexture: The depth data gathered from previous renderpasses.

  • deltaTime: Current delta time.