Class ConvexConvexPenetrationQuery

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class legion::physics::ConvexConvexPenetrationQuery : public legion::physics::PenetrationQuery

Public Functions

ConvexConvexPenetrationQuery(HalfEdgeFace *pRefFace, HalfEdgeFace *pIncFace, math::vec3 &pFaceCentroid, math::vec3 &pNormal, float pPenetration, bool pIsARef)
virtual void populateContactList(physics_manifold &manifold, math::mat4 &refTransform, math::mat4 incTransform, PhysicsCollider *refCollider) override

given the necessary information to create contact points between 2 colliding colliders calculates the contact points of the colliders and pushes them into the physics_manifold

Public Members

HalfEdgeFace *refFace = nullptr
HalfEdgeFace *incFace = nullptr