Class function_base

Inheritance Relationships

Derived Type

Class Documentation

class legion::core::compute::function_base

Subclassed by legion::core::compute::function

Public Functions

inline size_type setLocalSize(size_type locals)

Sets how many work-elements should be processed concurrently.


How many parallel processes are going to be used.

  • locals: Number of parallel processes or 0, when 0 the measured max will be used.

Protected Types

using invoke_buffer_container = std::vector<std::pair<detail::buffer_base*, buffer_type>>
using dvar = std::variant<std::tuple<size_type>, std::tuple<size_type, size_type>, std::tuple<size_type, size_type, size_type>>

Protected Functions

common::result<void, void> invoke(dvar global, invoke_buffer_container &parameters, std::vector<karg> kernelArgs) const
common::result<void, void> invoke2(dvar global, std::vector<Buffer> buffers, std::vector<karg> kernelArgs) const

Protected Attributes

std::shared_ptr<Kernel> m_kernel
std::shared_ptr<Program> m_program
size_t m_locals = 512