Class ContextHelper

Class Documentation

class legion::application::ContextHelper

Static helper class for calling functions on the GLFW context.

Public Functions

ContextHelper() = delete
~ContextHelper() = delete

Public Static Functions

static bool initialized()

Checks if the context has been initialized.

static bool init()
static bool addOnInitCallback(delegate<void()> callback)

Binds callback to be executed right after the context has been initialized. The callback will be invoked immediately if the context is already initialized.

static void terminate()
static int getError(cstring *desc)
static GLFWmonitor *getPrimaryMonitor()
static GLFWmonitor *getCurrentMonitor(GLFWwindow *window)
static void setWindowMonitor(GLFWwindow *window, GLFWmonitor *monitor, math::ivec2 pos, math::ivec2 size, int refreshRate)
static const GLFWvidmode *getPrimaryVideoMode()
static const GLFWvidmode *getVideoMode(GLFWmonitor *monitor)
static void windowHint(int hint, int value)
static GLFWwindow *createWindow(math::ivec2 dim, const char *title, GLFWmonitor *monitor = nullptr, GLFWwindow *share = nullptr)
static GLFWwindow *createWindow(int width, int height, const char *title, GLFWmonitor *monitor = nullptr, GLFWwindow *share = nullptr)
static void showWindow(GLFWwindow *window)

Request the input thread to give focus to this window.

static void updateWindowFocus()

Gives focus to the window that has requested it. (may only be called from the input thread)

static GLFWglproc getProcAddress(cstring procname)
static void setWindowShouldClose(GLFWwindow *window, int value)
static int windowShouldClose(GLFWwindow *window)
static void setWindowIcon(GLFWwindow *window, int count, const GLFWimage *images)
static void setWindowAttrib(GLFWwindow *window, int attrib, int value)
static void setWindowPos(GLFWwindow *window, int x, int y)
static void setWindowPos(GLFWwindow *window, math::ivec2 pos)
static math::ivec2 getWindowPos(GLFWwindow *window)
static void destroyWindow(GLFWwindow *window)
static math::ivec2 getFramebufferSize(GLFWwindow *window)
static void swapBuffers(GLFWwindow *window)
static void swapInterval(int interval)
static void pollEvents()
static bool makeContextCurrent(GLFWwindow *window)
static GLFWwindow *getCurrentContext()
static GLFWkeyfun setKeyCallback(GLFWwindow *window, GLFWkeyfun callback)
static GLFWcharfun setCharCallback(GLFWwindow *window, GLFWcharfun callback)
static GLFWcursorposfun setCursorPosCallback(GLFWwindow *window, GLFWcursorposfun callback)
static GLFWmousebuttonfun setMouseButtonCallback(GLFWwindow *window, GLFWmousebuttonfun callback)
static GLFWscrollfun setScrollCallback(GLFWwindow *window, GLFWscrollfun callback)
static GLFWdropfun setDropCallback(GLFWwindow *window, GLFWdropfun callback)
static GLFWcursorenterfun setCursorEnterCallback(GLFWwindow *window, GLFWcursorenterfun callback)
static GLFWwindowclosefun setWindowCloseCallback(GLFWwindow *window, GLFWwindowclosefun callback)
static GLFWwindowposfun setWindowPosCallback(GLFWwindow *window, GLFWwindowposfun callback)
static GLFWwindowsizefun setWindowSizeCallback(GLFWwindow *window, GLFWwindowsizefun callback)
static GLFWwindowrefreshfun setWindowRefreshCallback(GLFWwindow *window, GLFWwindowrefreshfun callback)
static GLFWwindowfocusfun setWindowFocusCallback(GLFWwindow *window, GLFWwindowfocusfun callback)
static GLFWwindowiconifyfun setWindowIconifyCallback(GLFWwindow *window, GLFWwindowiconifyfun callback)
static GLFWwindowmaximizefun setWindowMaximizeCallback(GLFWwindow *window, GLFWwindowmaximizefun callback)
static GLFWframebuffersizefun setFramebufferSizeCallback(GLFWwindow *window, GLFWframebuffersizefun callback)
static GLFWwindowcontentscalefun setWindowContentScaleCallback(GLFWwindow *window, GLFWwindowcontentscalefun callback)
static GLFWjoystickfun setJoystickCallback(GLFWjoystickfun callback)
static int getGamepadSate(int jid, GLFWgamepadstate *state)
static void updateGamepadMappings(const char *name)
static bool joystickPresent(int jid)
static void setInputMode(GLFWwindow *window, int mode, int value)