Class shader_parameter_base

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class legion::rendering::shader_parameter_base

Common base of all shader parameter types.

Subclassed by legion::rendering::attribute, legion::rendering::uniform< T >, legion::rendering::uniform< texture_handle >

Public Functions

inline virtual bool is_valid() const

Returns whether the parameter is referencing a valid shader and parameter location.

inline virtual GLenum get_type() const

Returns the GLenum of the data type of the parameter.

inline virtual std::string get_name() const

Returns the name of the shader parameter.

inline virtual GLint get_location() const

Returns the location of the shader parameter.

inline bool operator==(const shader_parameter_base &other)
inline bool operator!=(const shader_parameter_base &other)

Protected Functions

inline shader_parameter_base(std::nullptr_t t)
inline shader_parameter_base(id_type shaderId, std::string_view name, GLenum type, GLint location)

Protected Attributes

id_type m_shaderId
std::string m_name
GLenum m_type
GLint m_location